For parents, giving birth is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. Birth studies show that those who feel nurtured, respected, and involved in making decisions during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period have the most positive outcomes and memories of their child bearing and birthing experiences.

So what can you do to give yourself, your partner, and your baby the gift of an empowering birth experience? Consider hiring a doula!

Doula supported births are statistically quicker and involve fewer unnecessary and unwanted interventions. Birth doulas support you for your non-medical needs before, during, and after your baby’s birth – offering emotional support, words of encouragement, reassurance and informational resources regarding the birth process, as well as suggestions for comfort measures and optimal birth positioning.

Birth is one of the most transformative events of a lifetime, and having a positive birth experience contributes greatly towards self-confidence and self-esteem long-term. I would be deeply honored to support you and your birthing partner as you bring your beautiful baby into the world.

Wishing you and your baby wellness and a wonderful pregnancy and birth!

Doula Leah

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